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TPC Racing customers Gary & Betty Church and their +750HP RUF

TPC Racing customers Gary & Betty Church and their +750HP RUF

TPC Racing customers, Gary and Betty Church, have been coming to our shop for many years to have work done to their very special car. Gary and Betty are the proud owners of what started off its life, as a standard RUF RGT. However, that level of modification was not nearly enough to satisfy Gary’s thirst for power. So, added to RUF’s work, Gary had a custom built Sportec twin turbo motor installed featuring custom liquid-to-air intercoolers to work with his narrow bodystyled car. He also had us upgrade his suspension to full JRZ race coilovers and Hoosier wrapped BBS 3-piece wheels, GT3 Cup transmission, and RSR Differential. In addition, the car was completely disassembled so that the entire car could be seam welded and gusseted to provide ample chassis strength and rigidity. No part of this car has been left untouched in an attempt to create one of the wildest track/street cars we have ever seen.


Everywhere the Church’s go, their truely unique RUF not only turns heads with it’s drop-dead gorgeous looks, but also snaps necks with it’s blistering performance. In addition to have one of the most unique and recognizable Porsche/RUF vehicles at nearly every track event, Gary and his wife Betty are commonly know as some of the friendliest folks you’ll meet. We are always hearing stories of the Church’s kindness and generosity, including in participating, along side us, in the annual Vets on Track events at Summit Point Raceway – where injured Iraq and Afganistan Veterans are given track rides in some of the fastest most powerful Porsche racers on track. Gary and Betty are also PCA instructors, helping novice drivers learn how to handle themselves and their vehicles on track.

Gary and Betty are regulars at most PCA events, as well as many other trackday events, from Vipers to Corvettes to Shelbys and Audis, and are constantly traveling to events all over the Eastern US. So, keep your eyes open for Gary and Betty’s brilliant yellow RUF, and be sure to stop and say “Hi”!





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