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The Most Fun you can have with a 986!

The Most Fun you can have with a 986!

TPC’s first claim to fame was the development and sale of our original 986 SC System. We discontinued the product in 2001. The boxster received very little attention from that point. With the great value of these cars in the current market we decided to invest a little time back into our old friend.

367whp out of your 3.2 Boxster S. Turns your nice canyon carver into a car with as much power as a stock 996tt. Brilliant drivable low end torque, very little turbo lag and reaching your top end speed a lot quicker than before, makes your Boxster more fun than you remember !!!

The system utilizes a renewed version of our 987 Turbo kit. Additional parts required are the throttle body and exhaust manifolds off of a 987S car. These can be sourced through Porsche or used as many 987 owners decide to upgrade.

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