Located in Jessup, Maryland (about halfway between Baltimore and Washington D.C.), TPC Racing is the East Coast’s premier shop for Porsche maintenance and service, performance tuning, and racing.

TPC Racing has been a Porsche service, tuning, and racing mecca for over 20 years. At TPC Racing we are dedicated solely to working on Porsche sports cars. We also produce a long line of performance and chassis upgrades that are sold and raced all around the world! This, and our passion for excellence has made us one of the world’s premier Porsche service, tuning, and racing centers.



At TPC Racing, our in-house Dynojet facility gives us the ability to tune and measure the performance of the vehicles we service. We use our Model 224 Dynojet to help us develop all of the power enhancing modifications we sell. One of the dyno’s other uses is in diagnosing engine issues as well as tuning race cars to perform at their peak. By having a dyno, on site, we have the ability to show our customers in actual numbers the gains that we were gladly able to provide them!


We prepare all of our forced induction kits in our machine shop. There, our machinist has access to a vertical mill, a lathe, bandsaw, welding equipment, valve mill as well as various other tools. This is where we construct all of our prototype parts, as well as perform all of the welding and machining necessary to produce our Turbo/Supercharger Kits for retail sale. We also fabricate custom parts for specialized applications; such as intercoolers, brackets, aluminum/steel tubing, suspension components, and more.


Custom suspension setup, at TPC Racing, comes standard with the best Porsche suspension engineering, short of having your own Porsche Factory support team. With numerous pro wins, in the Rolex Grand Am Series; including victory at the 2006 24 Hours at Daytona, TPC Racing is fully equipped to develop suspension setups for any road/track conditions a driver might experience. Our in house damper service area allows us to check for proper functioning via our ROEHRIG Shock Dyno as well as allowing us create completely custom setups for the most serious competitive drivers who participate in Professional/Club racing. We also offer a full range of damper/coilover maintenance and rebuild services.