TPC Racing GT4 BLITZKRIEG PIPE KIT (all 981 models)


Looking for a higher performance exhaust with GT3 Cup sound for your GT4(and 981)? Look no further! The TPC Racing GT4 BLITZKRIEG PIPE KIT is the solution! This kit is essentially an exhaust conversion kit that converts factory GT4 exhaust to use factory GT3/RS center muffler. The factory GT3/RS muffler is an excellent design capable of 500 hp with very little to no restriction as demonstrated by factory GT3/RS cars with 3.8L and 4.0L engine. Our kit includes the conversion side pipes(cat-back) and conversion bracket to make this adaptation possible on GT4, Clubsport and all 981 cars. We have brackets for manual transmission and for PDK. Compatible with factory electronic exhaust sound control. Ideal for use with tuned ECU, race headers, and for bigger displacement engine builds.

A stock GT4 with our BLITZKRIEG GT4 Exhaust Kit paired with the TPC Racing Stage 1 ECU Tune makes over 30whp and 30 lbs/ft of torque! A must for 3.8L , 4.0L and bigger engine builds!

The TPC Racing GT4 BLITZKRIEG Pipe Kit includes:

In-house made aircraft mandrel-bend side pipes
In-house made aircraft mandrel-bend corner pipes with sound control valves (also available without valves)
CNC machined exhaust-to-transmission bracket (available for manual transmission and for PDK)

The following OEM parts are required for the full conversion to use GT3 muffler:
(the OEM parts are available from Porsche dealer. Or we can provide as a package)

99711102792/ GT3 steel muffler/ Qty 1 (muffler can be substituted with titanium version or other options)
99111125390/ Tail pipe/ Qty 1 (tail pipes can be substituted with other options)
99611102471/ Support bracket/ Qty 1
99711111970/ Straps/ Qty 2
99711146190/ Flange, upper/ Qty 2
99711156190/ Sealing ring, upper/ Qty 2
99711146390/ Flange, lower/ Qty 2
99711156390/ Sealing ring, lower/ Qty 2
90006736201/ Bolt, M8x50/ Qty 2
99908464901/ Nut, M8/ Qty 13
99711175591/ Washer/ Qty 1
99711175391/ Washer/ Qty 2







All stainless steel material is 100% USA and aircraft-certified from Woolf Aircraft Company, TIG welded in-house at TPC Racing in Maryland, USA.

Additional information

Weight60 lbs
Dimensions30 × 18 × 18 in