Porsche 997 Tractive DDA RT Package


The Road/Track (RT) package is the introductory level coilover kit for the Tractive DDA line. It features the patented DDA damper, swift springs with rates of your choice, and billet aluminum top mounts/camber plates on all four corners. The RT package is suitable for street driving, DE days, club racing, and professional sprint races (<1 hour) with no sacrifices on performance or compliance.



Controlled by the DSC Sport controller, the Road/Track (RT) coilover kit introduces the Tractive DDA damper. The patented DDA valve offers the fastest, most dynamic, and most consistent damping range of any electronic damper on the market. Responding to commands from the DSC controller in only six milliseconds, the Tractive DDA allows for a more sophisticated tuning file, relying less heavily on predictive control strategies.

The mechanical build also sets the Tractive DDA apart from all other class competitors. Offering the finest guide seal, piston, and shim stack arrangement on the market (.01mm guide clearance), the DDA damper withstands heavy load changes with no signs of hysteresis or stiction. Each design is tested on a shock dyno at 17 million cycles and must hold 85% of its damping performance to be approved for production. The result is the world’s most versatile suspension system that provides a previously unheard of combination of race-winning performance on the track and daily driver comfort on the street.

I have just spent a few days driving various other “sports” cars in day to day street driving meaning real roads, cambers, crappy surfaces nice surfaces etc etc.

I got back into my 7GT2 this morning and I simply cannot believe how resolved and sophisticated the chassis is. My car wears full solid bushings pretty much everywhere, Cup 2 tyres with 245 at the front and the full TPC Tractive shocks/Swift spring/DSC package.
The car is incredible, the most amazing thing to drive in everyday street driving it soaks up bumps, the steering is scalpel sharp, the power goes down well as the softer initial springing delivers more grip than one would imagine…. today I’ve been driving in 3 degC dryish conditions on Cup 2s and the car is a pussycat sure it is a lively pussycat but an absolute delight for anyone who actually enjoys driving…
Of course the party trick of the set up is when one goes fast, really fast, everything tightens up and the car is a ballistic go kart – frikkin unreal.

Just thought I’d do some flag waving here as I have always been (and will continue to be no doubt) a major sceptic on any “revolutionary” new product and I held off buying this for way too long. If you have a 7GT2/3 and you actually use it on the road then this will be the best thing you ever bought for it, as for its track credentials well the TPC team seem to do pretty well using this setup on their race car. Yes it’s quite expensive but it is high quality and will doubtlessly retain its value if you decide to sell your car – all GT2/3 guys without this kit should be having major FOMO – get your credit cards out and live it — tb993tt, Rennlist

Additional information

Weight65 lbs
Dimensions30 × 15 × 15 in

Carrera/S/GT3/GT3RS, C4/C4S/Turbo/Turbo S (*Requires GT3-type swaybar or Tarett Drop Link Bracket)

Air Lift Option

Air Lift Option, No Airlift