Porsche 992 Turbo M-Tuner Suite


The 992 Turbo M-Tuner Suite by M-Engineering was developed from the ground up over many months of testing, starting overseas with the help of our dealers before being the first in the US to start tuning these cars.

Our M-Tuner Calibration Suite will allow at home OBD flashing, no ECU removal is necessary. Our software also features the ability to read and clear faults, datalogging, view live data, and flash back to stock at your convenience.

With a basic stage1 calibration the 992 Turbo S can make 705whp on 91 octane(95 RON), 720whp on 93 octane (98RON), and 750whp on 100oct (104 RON). Our refined calibration takes a stock 992 Turbo S and turns it into a reliable 9 second 1/4 mile car!



Turbo S – 91 Octane Dyno


Turbo S – 93 Octane Dyno


Turbo S – 100 Octane Dyno

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions12 × 7 × 6 in

Turbo, Turbo S