Porsche 987 Tractive DDA RT Coilovers


The Road/Track (RT) package is the introductory level coilover kit for the Tractive DDA line. It features the patented DDA damper, swift springs with rates of your choice, and billet aluminum top mounts/camber plates on all four corners. The RT package is suitable for street driving, DE days, club racing, and professional sprint races with no sacrifices on performance or compliance.


Experience race car performance and daily driver comfort with the Tractive DDA Road/Track (RT) package powered by DSC Sport.

Controlled by the DSC Sport controller, the Road/Track (RT) coilover kit introduces the Tractive DDA damper. The patented DDA valve offers the fastest, most dynamic, and most consistent damping range of any electronic damper on the market. Responding to commands from the DSC controller in only six milliseconds, the Tractive DDA allows for a more sophisticated tuning file, relying less heavily on predictive control strategies.

The mechanical build also sets the Tractive DDA apart from all other class competitors. Offering the finest guide seal, piston, and shim stack arrangement on the market (.01mm guide clearance), the DDA damper withstands heavy load changes with no signs of hysteresis or stiction. Each design is tested on a shock dyno at 17 million cycles and must hold 85% of its damping performance to be approved for production. The result is the world’s most versatile suspension system that provides a previously unheard of combination of race-winning performance on the track and daily driver comfort on the street.

Additional information

Weight65 lbs
Dimensions30 × 15 × 15 in