TPC Racing 991 GT-Class Adjustable Sway Bar Kit


Disclaimer: TPC Racing drop links are for racing application. They are not meant to be silent drop links. 



Think your 991 is nearly perfect out of the box? Well TPC Racing has done it again, and made what some call perfect; even better! With the TPC Racing 991 Sway Bar Kit, you can enjoy even better driver feedback and balance through even the most aggressive twists and turns, perfect for attacking the back roads or the racetrack with total confidence.

TPC Racing Adjustable Sway Bars

TPC Racing Adjustable Sway Bars are designed by racecar drivers on professional racing circuits. Designed to exceed to performance capability of any factory or off-the-shelf sway bar, the TPC Racing 991 Adjustable Sway Bars set will help any driver reach the next level in their on track performance, or just enjoy a more spirited driving experience on the road.

Sway bars work by controlling the load transfers across the front and rear of a vehicle. These are a major contributing factor to whether a car will have a tendency to exhibit oversteer(loose) or understeer(tight). With TPC Racing’s revised sway bar rates tested on both the street and track, now any driver can gain the edge of a chassis with nearly perfect stability, consistency, and predictability through any corner.

The results are clear; a more stable chassis leads to greater driver confidence, higher cornering speeds, and lower laptimes. In most cases drivers can take several seconds off of their laptimes with just an upgrade in sway bars alone.

TPC Racing Adjustable Drop Links

In order to cope with the heavier loads from tracking, we have the TPC Racing Adjustable Drop Links. These racecar quality parts are made from high strength anodized aluminum, with high strength rodends to handle the added load.

However, because these are racecar strength rodends, they do make some clicking/tapping at low(parking lot) speeds.

*Prices are subject to change.

*Product photo may differ from actual product.

*One year warranty on sway bars limited to original purchaser.

Disclaimer: TPC Racing drop links are for racing application. They are not meant to be silent drop links. 

Additional information

Weight30 lbs
Dimensions48 × 12 × 6 in