981 Cayman/Boxster Turbo Kit


Do you love the handling of your mid-engine 981 Cayman or Boxster but long for real power? TPC Racing has just the package for you. Based upon our wildly successful turbo kits for the 987 platform, we are proud to release our TPC Racing 981 Cayman/Boxster Turbo Kit. Boosting the performance of your 981 by over 100 horsepower at the wheels and 100 ft-lbs of torque, the TPC Racing 981 Turbo Kit provides drives with a huge increase in performance. Available for both “S” and “non-S” vehicles is the perfect way to add power to your 981!

Maintaining our philosophy on developing manufacturer-like turbo systems in order to preserve reliability and longevity of your engine, the TPC Racing 981 Turbo Kit runs a very conservative 4psi of boost. The system features a 100% bolt-on installation with no need to modify any of your engine’s internals. As always, the kit includes an ECU tune by developer and engineer, Mike Levitas, so no additional tuning systems are required. However, if you DO NOT own a Cobb Tuner Accessport, it WILL be required for flashing the turbo tune to the ECU. Please select appropriately per the selections. 

Available Options:

TPC Racing PDK Flash is available for all PDK vehicles

TPC Racing Auxiliary PDK Cooler is available for all PDK vehicles

TPC HD Engine cooler is available for both MT and PDK vehicles

*Note* Pictures shown of silicone and piping may differ from actual product photo shown.

*Note* PDK Vehicles require the TPC Racing Dual-core center radiator kit.

If you are in need of more information in regards to the requirements for your specific vehicle and this turbo kit, please don’t hesitate to call or email us.



Want more power than a GT4?! Look no further by adding BOOST to your 981 with the TPC Racing bolt-on turbo kit! AVAILABLE NOW FOR PDK and MT! 981 Cayman/Boxster owners, we have the turbo kit for you to edge out the power and torque of the GT4/3.8 swap for an amazing price with everything you need to have for the ultimate experience of power, torque, and refined drivability!

TPC Racing originally introduced the 981 bolt-on turbo kit in 2015. To be completely candid, the 981 turbo kit didn’t get the great popularity that our 987 bolt-on turbo kit did over the last decade. Some of the reasons for this was the market changes and we also feel that we never got the 981 turbo kit tuning to be as seamless as the 987 turbo kits. Despite our best efforts we were limited by the available tuning platforms at the time. The power was definitely impressive but we felt that the integration could have been better and the overall experience more seamless.

As the 981 tuning platforms greatly evolved over the past few years, so did we!! To kick things off this year, we proudly enlisted elite Porsche ECU tuner Mitch McKee and his team to provide the best tuning available to pair with our turbo kit. Mitch and his team brought to the table years of winning pro racing tuning experience and the most advanced coding for our application. With a full week spent on our in-house dyno, we now have the missing piece to make our turbo kit SEAMLESS in operation with the sought after power! We are excited and proud to re-launch our TPC Racing 981 Bolt-on Turbo Kit!

With ~420whp against the factory 300whp, this bolt-on kit was engineered for safety and performance in mind without sacrificing the reliability of the OEM engine and internals. The boost pressure is set within a safe parameter for the factory compression ratio of the engine. The turbo kit produces 4.5 psi of boost that starts spool as low as 2200 RPM and peaks at 4500 RPM to hold out thru the rest of the power band. This produces a nice fat and wide torque curve improving the acceleration in any gear. This is the ultimate power package for any 981 owner looking to bolt-on 100 whp.

The TPC Racing 981 Turbo kit features a liquid-to-air intercooler fabricated in-house out of the highest quality American aircraft aluminum materials in order to maintain cooler intake temperatures for high-performance driving. All TPC Racing stainless steel turbo kit exhaust piping are fabricated in-house from the jig for each specific model out of the same high quality stainless steel materials for a guaranteed fitment. Our self-proprietary turbo that comes in our turbo kits from TPC Racing are perfect for the 2.7L-3.8L engines with quick spool at low rpms and can pump out up to 600hp with supporting modifications to the engine. Everything you need to install the turbo kit is included along with installation instructions and can be installed by a professional mechanic or do-it-yourselfer with advanced-level mechanical skills. That means this kit could be installed at home in your garage and with the easy to use Cobb Accessport Tuner, you are able to upload you TPC Racing custom turbo tune to your ECU within minutes.

The results are proven and with our most recent 981 turbo kit installation on this 981 Cayman S, here is a clip of the one of many dyno pulls we did in order to write the coding and perfect our new custom tune.

Here is the comparison of the dyno runs of the stock 981 Cayman S (Blue line), a stock 981 GT4 (Green line), and the newly revamped 981 Cayman S equipped with the TPC Racing Turbo Kit (Red line). Both in DIN and SAE.

Enjoy mid-engine handling with an added 100 Horsepower boost for your 981 Cayman or Boxster!
*Note* Pictures shown of silicone and piping may differ from actual product photo shown.



Additional information

Weight120 lbs
Dimensions60 × 30 × 30 in


Center Radiator Kit

No Center Radiator Kit, Center Single-Core Radiator Kit, Center Dual-Core Radiator


No Cobb Tuner, With Cobb Tuner

TPC Turbo PDK flash

Include TPC Turbo PDK flash, No PDK flash required

TPC Auxiliary PDK cooler

Include TPC Auxiliary PDK cooler, No TPC Auxiliary PDK cooler required

TPC HD engine oil cooler

Include TPC HD engine oil cooler, No TPC HD engine oil cooler required

Blow Off Valve:

Include BOV, No BOV