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PRODUCT RELEASE: TPC Racing Cayman Turbo V.2

PRODUCT RELEASE: TPC Racing Cayman Turbo V.2

In our never-ending quest to produce more power with better products, TPC Racing has developed the TPC Racing Cayman Turbo Kit Version 2.

The purpose for developing this VERSION2 package is to open the door for even greater power levels than those offered by the base Cayman Turbo Kit. The VERSION1 Turbo Kit was designed using a 2 stage fueling system much like the Lexus IS-F. In this application 2 secondary injectors came into operation when the car was pushed into boost. These secondary injectors were run using a piggy-back ECU. In addition the piggy-back ECU allowed the OEM injectors to be run at a higher duty cycle. This allowed us to make good, reliable power, while maintaining stock day-to-day driving characterisics.

The problem with the V1 fueling system is that it simply cannot move enough fuel to achieve the power levels we desire. Months of R&D were spent trying to develope a better fueling and tuning system, while still providing the excellent streetability that TPC products are famous for. We are now thrilled to announce the release of the TPC Racing Cayman Turbo Kit VERSION2.

VERSION2 completely removes the secondary fueling system and replaces the OEM Cayman injectors. The OEM Cayman injectors are replaced with a set of high-flow injectors capable of delivering the additional fuel necassary to produce huge HP/TQ numbers. To drive these larger injectors, TPC Racing has developed flash for the factory ECU. This is not your ordinary flash though. Where most tuners only modify and tune a few of the base fueling tables in the OEM ECU; TPC has spents thousands of hours engineering thousands of lines of code to provide one of the most complete ECU flashes around. What does this mean for the customer? It means that when this kit is properly installed, it will run as if it came from the factory as an OEM Porsche Cayman Turbo.

The TPC Racing Cayman Turbo Kit VERSION2 has allowed us to produce 485HP to tear up the track, while maintaining perfect streetability for everyday driving. This update for the TPC Racing Cayman Turbo Kit has now opened the door for us achieve power levels unheard-of for a Porsche Cayman or Boxster. Interested in more power? Look out for the release of the TPC Racing Cayman Turbo Kit Stage 2 and Stage 3.

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