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Matt Farah of the Smoking Tire Drives a TPC Racing Turbo Cayman on Track

On May 17, 2016, TPC Racing invited Matt Farah, among others, to Summit Point Motorsports Park to test drive the TPC Racing turbo Cayman and a fleet of DSC Sport vehicles.

We have apologized to Matt on numerous occassions for the mishap with the brakes in the following video. Unfortunatley, the turbo Cayman we had ligned up for him fell through last minute due to a scheduling conflict. Another customer was gracious enough to let Matt drive his car for the video. However, he forgot to warn us or switch out the brake pads (he uses a separate set for street/track) before the video. As a result, Matt did cut the video a lap or two short to practice caution. We applaud his ability to put together a great review of the vehicle’s engine performance despite the sub par brakes.

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