987.2 PDK Texas Mile Cayman S

About a year and a half ago, we had this 2009 PDK Cayman S come in for a TPC Racing Turbo Kit, our TPC Racing Stage 3 Plus Suspension Kit and our wide track kit - consisting of factory GT3 Cup lower control arms. The owner thought the car was fun and had a blast with it, but he wanted more power for top speed runs. We came up with the perfect solution: Methanol Injection, Nitrous and an additional transmission oil cooler for track use!

The owner of the car intends to do the Texas Mile and other top speed runs, so the wide track kit was very important. This makes the track of the car longer to add for more stability at high speeds.

This car features the TPC Racing Intercooled PDK Turbo Kit and the TPC Racing tune that each car gets with a turbo kit. When installing the methanol kit and the NOS, there were many upgrades that had to be done. The first was the plenum for the additional injectors that are controlling the methanol. Also with the plenum modifications, we extended it to the throttle body. We did this so that we could tap into the plenum closer to the throttle body for the nitrous.

After installing everything, we strapped the car down to the dyno. Right away, we could tell that the car loved the methanol as we made a pull at 470WHP. After getting the methanol setting complete, we then turned on the NOS. The NOS kit we are using is a 40HP shot which works great on this car. Once we made a pull with the nitrous, the car put down 503WHP on PUMP FUEL! After making that pull, we made a quick adjustment and made another pull. This time, we made 507WHP!

This is an incredible car that should be a blast when the owner takes it to the track. The car will be used for top speed runs and the owner has rented an airstrip to test the car at when it returns to him, so we are excited to see the results! Everything remains the same internally on both the engine and the PDK transmission, making everything a nice bolt-on package.

Methanol Tank

Additional Transmission Oil Cooler:

Plenum Modifications:

Dyno and car explanation by Michael Levitas:

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