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TPC Racing is a full service race team with extensive experience in racing at all levels of motorsport. With our humble beginnings from a grassroots racing background to reaching the pinnacle of American and International sportscar racing, claiming vidtory at the legendary 2006 Rolex 24Hours at Daytona; we have the people, the tools/equipment and the expertise, and the experience help get you to the finish line first!

Whether you are a novice to track events or a seasoned racer, typical track events involves alot more than just strapping yourself into the driver's seat. There are a number of requirements and and safety concerns to be dealt with when it comes to participating in a track event; such as car prep, transportation of car and spare parts, car maintenance during the event, local accommodations, etc. All these small details can add up to some serious logistical nightmares, and will take away from your experience of the event as the driver.

Let the team at TPC Racing take the stress out of event preparation! The crew here at TPC Racing has a wide range of motorsport experience from NASA, SCCA, PCA, Grand-Am and IMSA. Some of us participate in track events as well, giving us an unique perspective of being in the driver seats ourselves. While others are here expressly for our support roles, to handle all of the challenges that come up, and will help make your track day the most fun and fulfilling experience possible! TPC Racing provides a wide variety of services to help you on your next track day.





TPC Racing Track Support Services

  • Perform Pre-Race & Post-Race Inpections
  • Perform On-Site Chassis/Suspension setup and Tuning
  • Transportation of Car and Equipment
  • Logistics Management of Tires, Fuel, Spare Parts
  • Full Pit-Stop Support
  • Collect and Analyze Trackside Data - Tire PSI/Temp., Lap Times
  • On-Board Data/Video Acquisition and Analysis
  • On-Site & Off-Site Coaching Based on Data/Video Analysis
  • Professional Driver Coaching & Driver Development Program
  • Radio Communications
  • Administrative & Logistical Support
  • Hospitality and Accommodations Planning


TPC Racing Videos

Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge USA by Yokohama - Road Atlanta 2014 Broadcast


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